Lowe’s, Home Depot Now Offer Year-Round Discounts

Mar 05 2010

We’re not choosing sides here, but if you’re in the market for some appliances,  hardware, tools, or building supplies, both Lowe’s and Home Depot are now offering their military discounts year-round!

In addition, both companies have long-standing programs geared toward hiring servicemembers (both active duty and retired) and their spouses, and supporting military charities.  Supporting our troops, one purchase at a time!

Check it out:

  • The Home Depot offers a year-round, 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID. This discount is not available for our online shoppers or in addition to existing discounts or promotions.
  • Lowe’s Companies, Inc. announced today it will expand its support of the military by offering an all day, every day 10 percent discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card.All other military veterans will receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends. The discount is available on in-stock and Special Order purchases up to $5,000. Excluded from the discount are sales via Lowes.com, previous sales, and purchases of services or gift cards.


3/15/10 at 1:53 pm

Webmaster update- Due to the many member questions and comments (both on this blog and via email), MOAA double checked the veracity of the Home Depot offer with their headquarters again. This offer is valid, though they are still working to ensure that ALL of their many stores and thousands of employees are educated on the new policy.

If you have any further questions on this offer as it pertains to your local  store, please contact: sarah_care@homedepot.com

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  1. chris stollon 14 Jan 2011 at 9:31 pm

    we are snow birds in edinburg texas and today they told my husband a disabled vietnam veteran they stopped the 10 % discount because to many snowbirds that come here are vets and they build. this is crazy! i am thinking this is discriminating and open to many problems for them. as my husband was leaving he said he would never shop there again and the manager replied lowies is doiing it too. This is un true as my husband went directly there and the manager said other wise. Is anyone aware of this happeningnin other parts of the country and is it legal?

  2. OTon 12 Mar 2011 at 5:01 am

    I work for Home Depot as a head cashier. Currently the policy in Virginia is if you have a valid blue, red, green, or white military picture ID or VA valid picture ID(white card) you qualify for 10% discount everyday in store only. The person with the military ID must make the purchase at the register. Also I too served in the military. I do understand your frustrations as to why a DD214 or legions or VFW card is not acceptable at Home Depot, but this is our company policy. This policy is to ensure you are who you say you are and that you did not get a hold of someone else’s DD214 or VFW card to recieve a discount. If Home Depot accepted everyone’s word or DD214 that they actually served in the military without checking ID the store might go under. It is our policy that we are not allowed to ask if you are or have served in the military. If you want your 10% discount you must show us one of the valid ID cards as I stated above. One more thing, not all stores are following this policy. Home Depot is in the process within this past year or so to ensure that this policy is now in effect with training our cashiers what are acceptable forms of ID.

  3. Jimon 19 Mar 2011 at 2:11 am

    I served my country for 6 years, 4 years active duty and 2 years in the reserves, but Home Depot no longer deems me worthy of receiving their 10% discount. I will take my business elsewhere and highly encourage all of you non-eligible veterans, per HD’s new policy, to do likewise. What a shameful act. Wonder if the HD coporate “big wigs” who changed this policy ever served their country.

  4. OTon 22 Mar 2011 at 10:42 pm

    To JIM:

    The old policy Home Depot had was to only give 10% discount to military on the Holidays. The new policy actually allows Home Depot to give the discount to people with acceptable military ID everyday as many times a day. The Home Depot “Big Wigs” are making sure this new policy goes into effect. To me that’s an improvement not a step back. One more thing, I served my country for 8 years, 4 years active duty and 4 years as an active reservist.

  5. Sheaon 22 Mar 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Jim, you want to complain about having served 4 years active duty and no longer receiving benefits that are reserved mainly for ACTIVE DUTY PERSONNELL (which a retired individual is still basically considered active duty with all the benefits they receive from the military), then here is my reply to you. I was active duty military for 6 years and I am currently serving my 2 years of inactive ready reserve time. I was in the Navy. I served a year boots on ground in Iraq. I have helped with relief for hurricanes here in my own country. I have fixed equipment on planes that do jobs so amazing it isn’t easily describable. NEVER would I walk into a store and DEMAND they give me a discount for what I have done. I did those things for the simple fact that it is the right thing to do. I did those things because I am a patriot and I have patriotism. I signed my life away to serve my country so that my family members can live freely here while myself and those that I have had the pleasure to serve beside VOLUNTARILLY took the fight to them. For me to even IMAGINE that there are people out there who are so ungreatful and forgetfull about the true meaning of serving this great nation that it makes me sick. If you were to talk to someone who is ACTIVE DUTY military and in the legal department, THEY would tell you YOU NO LONGER RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PARTAKE IN ANY DISCOUNTS OFFERED TO MILITARY MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. You gave that right up the day you decided to no longer serve this great nation. The day you decided not to retire you gave that up. So, if you so choose to blame Home Depot for your inability to not penny pinch, do that on your own time and to yourself. I thank you for your service. I thank anyone who gave up any years of their freedom to serve this country, but sir, you DO NOT deserve those benefits ANYMORE.

  6. Rogeron 22 Apr 2011 at 9:39 pm

    why are not all veterans entitled to the 10% discount from Lowes and Home Depot or should I say, like everyone else calls us (all other vets) We all served and fought together so why are we discriminated against. It should be all or none. A veteran is a veteran regardless.

  7. Davidon 25 May 2011 at 6:17 am

    Thought I would share my experience with home depot yesterday.

    Went to make a purchase, was told by cashier that the gentleman who was holding up the line I was in was just complaining about that and that the store no longer offered the military discount except for on certain holidays. She suggested completing the purchase and calling the number on the bottom of the reciept. I told her I would just go to Lowes who would price match home depot and give a 10% military discount.

    On my way home I called and spoke to the manager Tommie to get some details on the Home Depot policy change because I had just used the discount the day before without any problem. Tommie supported what the cashier told me and said that the discount is no longer being offered except for on certain holidays.

    I got home and googled “home depot military discount” and immediatly found the following on their website:

    “All military personnel and veterans are eligible for a 10% discount during many national holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.

    In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.”

    Being both a member of the Army Reserve and a Disabled Veteren I saw that I doubly qualified for the discount. I called the customer care line at 1 (800) 466-3337.

    They repeated what the store manager had told me about the discount being offered only on holidays. I asked them to look up the policy on the website and they did and when they read the second sentence saying that “In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.” they asked me to hold to be connected to their corporate office.

    After holding, there were two people on the line and one said she was passing me off to the other. The lady said “I am going to attempt to go over the Military Discount policy with you” and then began to read verbatum what was on the website.

    After she read “In addition, the 10% discount is available to active and reserve military personnel, retired or disabled veterans and their spouses or dependent children every day, upon request.” I told her that is why I was calling because the stores were not honoring that.

    She told me that this was supposed to be taken off the webpage and did not match the policies on her computer. I asked if the manager should have still honored what was on the webpage and she said yes. She took my name and number and said someone would call me back tomorow.

    I then called the store back and asked for the manager. The lady answering the phone asked if was “about the military discount stuff” and I said yes. She asked if she could help and I said sure and asked her what she knew about the policy. She said she “knows it only works on holidays now”. I asked if she knew about the rest of the policy that was on the website and she said “no i didnt know I was going to be schooled on this”.

    I asked for her name, which she said was Linda, and told Linda that I was not trying to “school” her but just ask her about a recent policy change in the company that she worked for. She calmed down and told me she would try to find the policy on the website. after a couple minutes she said she was having trouble hiding it because she did not have manager access. she put me on hold.

    15 minutes later she picked back up and said she could never find the policy on the website. I told her that if she searched any search engine for “home depot military discount” that she would find it and she immediatly snapped at me that she tried that and does not have manager access.

    I asked to speak with the manager and after another 10 minute hold was put on the phone with Tommie again. I told Tommie that I was the person he had spoken to earlier about the military discount and that I had read the policy on the website and that it was not consistant with what he had told me.

    Tommie then told me that he knew what the website said but that he had been on a conference call on Monday and that the new rules for military discount had been clearly explained that no military discount should be honored except for certain holidays.

    I asked Tommie if he was willing to honor the discount for the $10 stud finder I had wanted to buy earlier and he said no. I asked him again that even tho the website said that I was 100% eligible for a discount is he still refusing and he said yes.

    It is clear to me that this is an attempt by a major corporation to use the sacricies made by military service members to appeal to the patriotic customer base without actually having to make any realistic attempt at following through.

    As a prevoius commenter pointed out, if thier new policy is to only offer the discount on holidays for all military regardless of status, then it is many times more insulting than to not offer it all. Offering something 4 days out of the year that your biggest competitor offers 365 days out of the year is silly. Why would anyone military wait for 4 dif days a year to pay the same price and get same discount from the competitor?

    It is clever what they trying to do… get the good exposure without having to pay any money for it, but in my mind it is criminal to exploit soldiers and service members that way.

    I know this was long, but I tried to give as accurate a description of what happened as possible. thank you for reading and I hope home depot gets exposed for this.

  8. OTon 11 Jun 2011 at 9:26 am

    I do understand your problem with Home Depot and I am sure you are not lying about any of it, any retail store is going to have complaining customers.

    I worked for Home Depot in Virginia and I also worked for Home Depot in California and those stores do not seem to have that problem and they are working to ensure that the military discount is given. Some states and some stores across the U.S. are still not giving the discount I have heard that from corporate office. With this being said that goes the same for Lowe’s. Where I used to live in California right outside of L.A. most Lowe’s stores do not offer military discount everyday but you can drive down the street to Home Depot that does. Every state and area is different. Same thing goes for Richmond, VA…the Home Depot stores do offer the discount every day and the Lowe’s right down the street does not.

    I do agree that a veteran is a veteran regardless but if you have no proof you were a veteran do you agree that the company should just give out discount to everyone who comes through our lines saying “Yes I would like my discount but I do not have anything to show for it and I was wandering if you could just take my word for it?” If you were the CEO or Manager of a company I am sure your answer would be no that you did not agree.

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  10. therathmanon 14 Nov 2011 at 12:59 pm

    While these programs are to be admired – they pale in comparison to what Sears does. I have checked the veracity – Sears continues wage differential for all employees called up to active duty, and continues their family benefits up to 60 months, and even includes them in bonus pools. Sears does not advertise this – so if you really want to help veterans when you shop – try sears for your next appliances, the small price differential is worth it!. check it out with other links at (http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/sears.asp)