In The Shadow of Greatness

Sep 10 2012

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“This is a must read for all Americans – an up close and personal account of duty and sacrifice by graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy in Iraq and Afghanistan. You´ll stand a little straighter when you mingle with these remarkable fellow citizens.” — Tom Brokaw, author of The Greatest Generation

They were walking to class on 9/11 when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were struck. These midshipmen were soon to graduate from the Naval Academy into a nation at war, the first officers to do so since Vietnam. The men and women of the Class of 2002 lost their youth to a decade of deployments and their innocence on battlefields in distant places.

Each story provides a glimpse into the lives of modern day Navy or Marine Corps officers who were faced with unique challenges and sacrifices. Their stories poignantly explain the trials of war and reveal a world many don’t understand. Refreshingly honest, their narratives take readers on a journey from Annapolis to the far corners of the world to experience the unique challenges of operations at sea, on the land, and in the skies. Themes of leadership and service are on display throughout.

Sounds like a remarkable account of just a few of the heroes of the new “Greatest Generation.” Check out the In the Shadow of Greatness website for more information, deals, and organizations you can help support by purchasing the book!

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