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Virginia Awarded $3.4M Grant to Help Transitioning Vets

Jun 18 2014

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Some great news on the employment front – let’s hope this program is replicated in other states, too, if it’s successful!

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the award of $3,444,620 to the commonwealth of Virginia to identify promising practices and to explore, develop and test strategies to improve the employment outcomes of veterans. The initiative is part of the Obama administration’s ongoing focus on job-driven training principles that encourage innovation and creativity in developing effective re-employment strategies to help the unemployed return to the workforce.

The commonwealth of Virginia is experiencing a record number of military personnel transitioning from active military duty into the civilian workforce, with the number of veterans seeking assistance at American Job Centers throughout Virginia doubling in recent years. While there are numerous programs and services designed to assist veterans and their families, the funding announced today will enhance coordination and alignment of these services.

Virginia’s Community Colleges system, in partnership with the Virginia Employment Commission, will use the funds to:

  • design and implement a bridge between transitioning military personnel and employers who have veteran-compatible employment opportunities;
  • create and validate a process to align veterans’ Military Occupational Specialties across Virginia’s Community Colleges system;
  • develop statewide industry-sector strategies in high-growth occupations and identify and link veterans to those jobs; and
  • perform a comprehensive assessment to identify gaps in services and develop recommendations to fill those gaps.

american_job-centerVeterans interested in obtaining employment services are encouraged to visit their local American Job Center.

When it comes to transitioning from a military to civilian workforce, there is no other organization that better prepares you than MOAA! Check out the transition services offered through the Career Kickstart program!

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Online Veterans Employment Center Launches

Apr 24 2014

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soldier_at_computerAt the anniversary celebration of Joining Forces, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden announced the launch of a new integrated employment tool to connect veterans and service members with employers, and to help translate military skills into the civilian workforce.

The new online resource, called the Veterans Employment Center, is the first interagency tool to bring a wealth of public and private job opportunities, a resume-builder, military skills translator and detailed career and training resources together in one place.

The Veterans Employment Center will provide employers with access to a targeted pool of resumes from veterans and transitioning service members, allowing them to search resumes to identify veterans with skill sets applicable to civilian employment at their organization, and to track progress towards reaching their veteran hiring goals. Resumes are visible to all employers with an active LinkedIn or Google profile.

The Veterans Employment Center can be found at:

Tutorial video on how to use the Veterans Employment Center:

Additional MOAA resources for transition and job search:

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MOAA Transitions Video Series

Apr 02 2014

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shutterstock_51877474MOAA is dedicated to helping servicemembers and their families during their transition from military to civilian life.

The new MOAA Transitions video series looks at five different servicemembers, all dealing with their transition in very different ways.

August 1, 2013 marked the retirement date of Lt. Cmdr. Ohene Gyapong, USN (Ret). Ohene talks about the looming deadline, the stresses of transitioning, and what it means to leave the Navy:

Learn from peers going through the process of transitioning to the civilian world, or from those who have already done so in the MOAA Transitions video series.

MOAA also provides additional resources to help aid in career transition, including:

Visit to see what else MOAA has to offer!

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Nominees for 2014 SecDef Employer Support Freedom Award

Mar 28 2014

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Our friends at the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense office, received 2,864 nominations from Guardsmen and Reservists for the 2014 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award!

The Freedom Award is the Department of Defense’s highest recognition honoring employers that support employees serving in the National Guard and Reserve. Up to 15 award recipients will be announced this summer and honored at the Pentagon in September at the 19th annual Freedom Award ceremony.

Even with troop drawdowns, service members are frequently called to duty to protect our Nation’s security and support humanitarian relief missions. Service members rely on the support of civilian employers, who provide reassurance and stability for these Citizen Warriors and their loved ones. The Freedom Award honors those employers who not only safeguard the positions of their military employees while they perform military duty or are deployed, but establish exceptional and generous initiatives that accommodate and care for employees and their families.

Last year, recipients met with President Barack Obama, who praised them for the exceptional support provided to their Guard and Reserve employees. Recipients also met with senior Defense Department leaders as part of the award recognition.

This year’s nominees represent employers large and small from nearly every industry, including airlines, grocery store chains, national retail brands and IT companies, as well as small businesses, and state and local governments. ESGR received nominations from Guard and Reserve members in all 50 states, Guam-CNMI, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. Semifinalists will be announced later this spring. To see the complete list of nominees, please visit


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The Million Records Project

Mar 26 2014

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graduatesThe Million Records Project is an initiative by Student Veterans of America, the leading advocate for student veterans, to have a better understanding of these nontraditional students, including how they achieve in and after college, what programs and services best guide them to success, and what policies help them reach their potential.

In recent years, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has processed more than 4 million education claims for student veterans. Until now, there has been no tracking of degree completion rates. The just-released report, part of the Million Records Project, an initiative of SVA, measures for the first time how the most recent generation of  veterans perform in higher education. Read the full Million Records Project Data Release (PDF).

Among the study’s top findings:
Although many take longer than traditional students to graduate, most student veterans complete their initial studies and often earn additional higher level degrees as well. Their delayed time-to-completion is due in large part to the unique challenges facing student veterans who are atypical of traditional college students, including age differences, and sometimes pausing their studies to serve in the military— including going overseas.

The report shows the majority of students complete a bachelor’s degree within four to six years; associate degrees within four. Unsurprisingly, many of these veterans do not typically follow the path of traditional college students. Some enroll in college after high school graduation, withdraw to join the military, then re-enroll after military service.

Other veterans enroll in postsecondary institutions after they complete their military service; still others earn college credit before, during and after military service but may need to repeat some coursework that was lost due to  deployments.

Check out SVA’s Google Hangout with Huffington Post Live:

And if you still have questions, join the twitter chat today at 2:15 p.m. Follow @StudentVets and tweet your questions with the hashtag #MillionRecords.


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