Friday Fun: Freedom Isn’t Free

Aug 22 2014

They’re hard rockers, but they have a softer side, too! Watch the new video for Five Finger Death Punch’s song Wrong Side of Heaven.

It shines a spotlight on homeless military veterans and the effects of PTSD! Via Rock 103:

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Vets Prevail: Reconnecting Veterans To Civilian Life

Aug 21 2014

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In a follow-up to a post from a few years ago, it looks like Vets Prevail has expanded their offerings through a contract with the VA:

Vets Prevail is an online resource provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that was built in collaboration with the Veterans Health Administration, the National Science Foundation, and leading mental health researchers and clinicians. This one of a kind program model is easily accessible from any internet connection and provides evidence-based ‘??early interventions’? to individuals who otherwise may not be able or willing to engage with traditional avenues for care.

The VetsPrevail program now offers easy mobile access, so users can receive care anywhere they have access to internet, including their phones. The multimedia platform allows users to engage with trained veteran peer specialists or interact with the active veteran community Vets Prevail hosts online, in addition to completing CBT programs that focus on the issue the user is struggling with. Users are even awarded points as they navigate through the content, which they can redeem for gift cards to Starbucks, various restaurants, or

Watch coverage of the Vets Prevail program from PBS NewsHour: Internet program helps veterans reconnect with civilian life.


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Friday Fun: Marines Go “Home”

Aug 15 2014

4464019859_cf5ffc481a_zFor military servicemembers, spending months or years away from their families is just one of the many hardships they endure in order to serve their country. So you can understand why this marine was so happy to be headed home that he burst into song on his flight back.

Heads up, you might want to grab a tissue or two.


Image by Flickr user Kevin Dooley. Some rights reserved.

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Veteran Hiring Tool for Employers from Hiring our Heroes & USAA

Aug 14 2014

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hiring_our_heroesThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes program and USAA launched a first-of-its-kind resource for employers looking to hire veterans and military spouses: the Employer Roadmap.

Hiring Our Heroes spoke with employers of all sizes across the country and heard a consistent theme: they needed access to a comprehensive and personalized resource for veteran and military spouse hiring efforts. This free online resource was created to meet that demand and will provide:

  • Customizable and interactive veteran and military spouse hiring action plans for organizations of all sizes to address companies’ frustration with a one-size-fits-all approach to hiring.
  • Advice, best practices and case studies from employers with a proven track record of creating successful hiring programs for veterans and military spouses.
  • Content divided amongst three sections – prepare, hire and empower – to enable companies to easily access the topics most relevant to their current goals.

Take advantage of the new Employer Roadmap, and share this resource widely so we can help our returning veterans!


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Commemorating Lives Lost in WWI

Aug 13 2014

A truly moving display of artwork in England, commemorating the lives lost in World War I. Just wow.

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