An Ode to Military Working Dogs

Aug 05 2014

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BuzzFeed is known for their quizzes and perfectly curated albums of cat pictures. But in honor of International Assistance Dog Week (August 3-9, 2014), they’ve created an ode to military working dogs. And we, of course, had to share. Because puppies.

Some heroes are four-legged. With Service Dog Appreciation week approaching, we celebrate and remember six incredible dogs of war.

Take, for example, Sergeant Rex. Rex served ten years in the Marine Corps, even patrolling the triangle of death in Baghdad.

In 2004 Sgt. Rex spent his first deployment to the Middle East in Iraq with his handler, Corporal Mike Dowling. They were together for two and a half years, working the frontlines and saving American soldiers’ lives by locating planted explosives.

See pictures of Sergeant Rex and some of his fellow military working dogs on BuzzFeed.

Image of Sergeant Rex via the Sergeant Rex Facebook page. Training in the Camp Pendleton hills. The CPEN K9 kennels and office are in the background. February/2003 #ThrowbackThursday

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Mil Tech — Stealthy Hybrid Electric Motorcycle Under Development

Aug 04 2014

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The hybrid electric bike is being developed in partnership with BRD Motorcycles, an all-electric motorcycle manufacturer in San Francisco. The new platform will combine Logos Technologies’ quieted, multi-fuel hybrid-electric power system with a cutting-edge off-road electric motorcycle design being developed by BRD.

The RedShift MX motorcycle will form the basis for the design of the silent, stealthy all-electric motorcycle for the U.S. military.

The RedShift MX motorcycle will form the basis for the design of the silent, stealthy all-electric motorcycle for the U.S. military.

Logos Technologies of Fairfax, Va., has received a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) research grant to develop a hybrid-electric motorcycle with near-silent capability for the U.S. military. The motorcycle would allow small military teams to move long distances quickly and stealthily across harsh terrain.

Marc Fenigstein, chief executive officer of BRD, says his company’s consumer RedShift MX model is the vehicle on which the military bike will be based. “The RedShift MX is a professional level motorcycle platform designed for motocross racing,” he notes, “which is one of the most abusive environments possible for a motorcycle with dust, mud, massive ruts, and bumps and jumps of over 100 feet on some tracks.”

Wade Pulliam, manager of advanced concepts for Logos Technologies, points out Logos has a hybrid-electric propulsion system that’s already been proven on a prior aircraft program, and the fact that the RedShift MX already is in a low rate of production, will give the project a head start toward field deployment.

Pulliam says the hybrid bike easily can maintain a range of 100 miles between refuels and, while operating in near-silent, all-electric mode, is capable of traveling a “militarily significant” proportion of its full range (as requested by DARPA).

With regard to noise-level requirements, the hybrid bike must maintain a 75 decibel level at 7 meters during normal operation.

“To put that in perspective,” Pulliam notes, “that is roughly the same volume as a telephone’s dial tone in a listener’s ear. When the bike is running solely on electric power, the noise level will drop significantly to just the sound of the tires.”

Fenigstein points out a major advantage of the vehicle’s hybrid drive train is that range isn’t limited by battery capacity.

“Think ‘range-extended electric’ like a Chevy Volt,” he says, “except that on this bike, the operator is using the 100-percent-electric mode for tactical reasons rather than efficiency.”

Pulliam adds that another interesting feature of the bike is it can be a supply of auxiliary power for personnel in the field.

 “This was one of the critical insights made by DARPA,” he says. “More and more, we are seeing electronic technology on the battlefield, from tablets and sensor systems to night vision systems. We plan to make it possible for our bike to allow operators in the field to recharge their devices from the battery.”

Pulliam says the hybrid bike could serve as a mobility option for the U.S. Marine Corps as it implements its plan to move to small units covering larger areas, and the bike also could be tactically beneficial for Special Forces who can be inserted with their bikes via aircraft, like helicopters or V-22 Ospreys, and be able to close the distance to an objective rapidly, switching to silent mode for the final leg of the approach to maintain speed as well as an element of surprise.

“It also would allow for patrols and excursions outside of forward operating or fire bases more quickly and at greater range than on foot,” Pulliam says, “and much more quietly than in other vehicles.”

About the author: Alan M. Petrillo is a Tucson, Ariz., journalist who writes for national and regional magazines and newspapers. He’s also the author of the mystery, Full Moon, books on historical military small arms, and the nonfiction work, Ice Hockey in the Desert.


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10 Largest Air-to-Air Battles in Military History

Aug 04 2014

Air-to-Air combat has been a staple in modern warfare since the early 1900s and has produced some of the most interesting storylines in the world’s history.

While the more infamous battles made famous by Hollywood first come to mind, there are numerous other less well-known air-to-air battles in our history that could be considered the most remarkable.

Check out the cool infographic from Norwich University below, and get more info on military history from Norwich University online. (Click on the image to see a full size version.)


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BZ to Col. Michael Rogers!

Jul 31 2014

Rogers_Michael_WEBMOAA has great leaders, both in our chapters and councils and on our Board of Directors!

Col. Michael J. Rogers, USA, is one such leader currently serving a six-year term on MOAA’s Board and on the Membership and Strategic Planning Committees. We’re proud of the work he does every day to assist MOAA’s leadership in making strategic decisions to help the military community, but this latest news is icing on the cake:

Col. Michael J. Rogers, Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, was selected as the Blacks in Government Meritorious Service Award recipient…

According to the award criteria, it honors Department of Defense military or civilian employees who serve as role models in promoting the tenets of human rights and equal opportunity. Nominees for the award must also display exceptional character representative of an outstanding leader and role model.

Read more about the BIG award and Col. Roger’s service!

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Congrats to the Recipients of the 2014 SecDef Employer Support Freedom Award

Jul 29 2014

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense (DoD) office, announced today 15 recipients of the 2014 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, the highest honor DoD gives to employers for support of National Guard and Reserve employees.

“I’m honored to announce the recipients of the 2014 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award,” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. “Guardsmen and Reservists across the nation rely on strong bonds with their civilian employers. By recognizing these 15 exceptional employers, the Department of Defense celebrates the contributions made by American employers to our Citizen Warriors. I commend these extraordinary employers for their unwavering commitment to service members and their families.”

The 2014 Freedom Award recipients below will be honored at a ceremony in the Pentagon Sept. 26:

  • Arizona Public Service
Phoenix, Arizona Army Reserve
  • AT&T
Dallas, Texas Coast Guard Reserve
  • Capital One
McLean, Virginia Army National Guard
  • CH2M-WG Idaho
Idaho Falls, Idaho Navy Reserve
  • General Mills, Inc.
Golden Valley, Minnesota Army National Guard
  • J.G. Management Systems, Inc.
Grand Junction, Colorado Air Force Reserve
  • Los Angeles Fire Department
Los Angeles, California Navy Reserve
  • N.H. Department of Environmental Services
Concord, New Hampshire Army National Guard
  • PNC Bank
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Army National Guard
  • Shofner Vision Center
Nashville, Tennessee Air Force Reserve
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee Army Reserve
  • Triumph Pharmaceuticals Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri Army National Guard
  • UNC Health Care
Chapel Hill, North Carolina Navy Reserve
  • Washoe County School District
Reno, Nevada Air National Guard
  • Zions Bank
Salt Lake City, Utah Army National Guard


The 2014 recipients were selected from 2,864 nominations received from Guardsmen and Reservists for going far beyond what the federal law requires to support their military employees. Last year, recipients met with President Barack Obama and senior Defense Department leaders as part of the award recognition.


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