Executive Order Protects Students that Use GI-Bill and Tuition Assistance Benefits

May 04 2012

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Educational Institutions that use deceptive or misleading practices to target veterans, servicemembers, or their families have been put on notice that these practices will not be tolerated.

President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order improving protections for all students that use the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance benefits, and Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program (MyCAA).

According to the White House, the Executive Order, which incorporates several MOAA recommendations, will help ensure that all servicemembers, veterans, spouses, and family members have the information needed to make informed educational decisions and protect them from aggressive and misleading marketing practices. 

The Executive Order will:

  • Help ensure military and veteran students have the information they need
  • Keep bad actors off military installations
  • Crack down on improper online recruiting practices
  • Provide veterans with a complaint system
  • Improve support services for service members and veterans
  • Provide students with better data on educational institutions
  • Strengthen enforcement of student protections

In addition to the Executive Order, members of Congress have introduced legislation to address these issues.

From the MOAA press release:

“Hundreds of thousands of returning veterans are taking advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, which pays the full cost of education at any public college or university, a housing allowance and book stipend.  However, some schools see only dollar signs on the backs of our veterans,” Vice Adm. Norb Ryan, Jr., President of MOAA said. “Any college – public, private or For Profit that unfairly preys on student veterans through false or misleading promises and poor quality programs should no longer get GI Bill or military tuition assistance funding.”

“MOAA worked closely with education experts, service groups and members of Congress to craft a set of recommendations to strengthen oversight of the new GI Bill.  We applaud the Administration’s announcement today of an Executive Order that incorporates several MOAA recommendations that will enable veterans to make wise choices, improve government oversight of the program and help stop predatory practices.” Ryan concluded.



Karen serves a Deputy Director, Government Relations (Military Family Issues).

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  1. Maj Mary Harveyon 09 May 2012 at 5:36 am

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank MOAA for their tireless efforts to protect our benefits. This article was important to my husband and myself. Since I have used both TA and AFIT to obtain two Master’s Degrees while on active duty, I decided to transfer my GI bill to my husband. We arrived at out new assignment, Nellis AFB, and my husband began attending ITT Tech. He was really enjoying his education but, in the third semester he was told that he was not eligible for the yellow ribbon program so he would need thousands of dollars to continue. What a shock! I did some more research and discovered that he is not eligible for this until I retire next year. He has stopped school for now and is working until I retire. I do think the school’s VA counselor should have been better informed. I have encountered schools before I came on active duty whose only concern was to sign on new student’s and the credits did not transfer. Thank you for working to protect all veterans and they families!