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Highlighting How Erin Wirth is “Keeping a Career on the Move®”

Jul 09 2014

wirth2Please meet Erin Wirth and learn how she is “Keeping a Career on the Move®”:

Q: What branch of service are you affiliated with?
A: Coast Guard

Q: Briefly tell us a little bit about yourself.
A: I am a proud Coast Guard wife, mother of two awesome children, and serve as an Administrative Law Judge for a federal agency.

Q: Where has the military taken you?
A: We have moved seven times and lived throughout the country, from Florida to Hawaii.

Q: What do you do for a living and are you working in your chosen career field?
A: Yes, I have been able to maintain my legal career, with many bar examinations along the way. Although it is challenging to move every few years, it has given me a wonderful opportunity to practice law in a wide variety of areas. Ultimately, this wide-ranging experienced benefitted my career.

Q: What resources, programs or initiatives have you used to keep your career on the move?
A: I reached out to anyone I could find. When we moved, I contacted local professional associations. College and law school alumni in the new location provided lots of advice. Volunteering is another way I have met people with similar interests. We also made an effort to meet our neighbors and learn from them.

Q: What advice would you give to other military spouses who want to keep a career through the military lifestyle?
A: Know what matters most to you and use that as a guide for decision making. Work hard and excel wherever you find yourself. Be kind to others and to yourself. Make the best choice possible given the options available. Communicate with your spouse about your career goals and work together for the good of your family. Remember that what works someone else may not work for you. At the end of the day, if you can say you did the best you could do, then you are a success. Be proud of yourself!


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Engage with MOAA Spouse Programs

Jul 02 2014

MOAA Stands for Military Families

We are all well aware that life can be a little crazy and busy these days! So, we wanted to point out a few of our military spouses channels where you can engage, interact, and receive the latest information with MOAA’s Spouse Programs.

With MOAA’s military spouse programs, you get the knowledge, tools and events to help you stay informed and empowered. For more than 80 years, we’ve led advocacy for service members and their families. From military spouse employment to military child education, we’re here for you, for life.

MOAA Spouse and Family Website
Check out our MOAA Spouse and Family Website with information that is useful to you and your family. Find topics that range from our military spouse community, professional development, advocacy and benefits and discounts.

MOAA Spouse Facebook Page
Our MOAA Spouse Facebook page shares the latest news and information on programs, events, initiatives, and information regarding the military community. Come join our fans by “Liking” our Page.

MOAA Spouse Twitter @MOAA_MilLife
Count on us to provide the most recent news for military spouses and their families. Look for tweets, retweets, favorites, and mentions on quality of life issues that are important to you and your family!

Making it in the MilLife®Blog
You are already here! Keep checking back for updates on all things military family related.

Monthly Military Spouse newsletter
Each month, MOAA Spouse sends out an E-newsletter. This is straight talk from two MOAA military spouse experts on programs, policies, and politics that affect your life on the home front.

Update or Create Your MOAA Spouse Account
When spouses of members are listed with MOAA, it’s a force multiplier. We need every voice to support our troops and families. Plus, members spouses get access to all MOAA benefits, including career services and benefits experts. Update your spouse information today.

YouTube Community
Find the latest videos that highlight MOAA activities. For example, here is a video that captures our Military Spouse Symposium.

MOAA LinkedIn
Join MOAA’s Career Networking Group on LinkedIn and connect with others in the extended military community who are building their brand, in transition or are looking for military people in transition.  Weekly announcements feature ideas to expand your skills, grow your network and strengthen your personal brand.

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