Last updated on December 5th, 2022

To remove gases and unpleasant smells in your laundry room you have to have a good air purifier with a HEPA and Carbon filters. Here is a comparison table of 3 portable air cleaners that I consider the best to clean the air in any laundry room.

Top 3 Air Purifiers for a Laundry Room

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Health Blast
TRACS Portable  laundry air purifier
Airpura V600 laundry air purifier
Smart Health Blast HEPA air purifier for laundry room
Best For
General Air Quality
Chemicals, Odors, Gases, VOCs
VOCs, Odors, Chemicals, Gases
Under $600
Under $900
Under $1100
Area Coverage
937 sq. ft.
2000 sq. ft.
5100 sq. ft.
250 CFM
560 CFM
1360 CFM
Filter Life
up to 5 years
up to 5 years
22 months
Filter Replacement
Noise Levels
44 - 59 dB
62.3 dB
29 - 48 dB
Max Power
100 Watts
120 Watts
67 - 140 Watts

Tracs air purifier is the best air purifier for laundry rooms if general air quality is considered. This air cleaner uses 2 filters: a MERV 8 pre-filter for larger particles and a hospital-grade HEPA air filter to remove every other fine particulate matter at 99.97% efficiency. This particulate matter includes smoke and other odors, chemicals, allergens, dust.

The Tracs air cleaner is made in the US and comes with a 5-year warranty. The company has been selling air cleaning solutions for more than two decades, and their first Tracs models are still up and cleaning the air in schools, homes and other spaces. The only downside of the EZ-Air is its somewhat low airflow compared to the next two air purifiers.

Airpura P700‘s biggest advantage compared to the two other air purifiers reviewed on this page is its filters: Super HEPA V614 and 18-pound Activated Carbon filter. The first one has even higher efficiency at 99.99% of capturing fine particles and the large Charcoal filter effectively absorbs smells often found in a laundry (poop, rotten eggs, cigarette smoke, fish, sewer, skank, mildew, etc.). The filters have a long lifespan of 5 and 2 years respectively.

This Canadian-made 100% metal-housing air purifier also has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer on parts and 10 years on labor. It’s built to last for decades and will keep the air clean in your laundry room from gases, toxins, smells, and VOCs.

Smart Health Blast is an extremely powerful air purifier with effective coverage of up to 5,100 square feet thanks to the powerful motor and fan. The model with a HEPA and Carbon (VOC) filter effectively removes smells, volatile organic compounds (organic chemicals), gases and toxins from any large space, including laundry rooms.

This air cleaner is also extremely quiet and energy effective if we consider it’s extremely high Clean Air Delivery Rate. I recommend this one if your laundry room is bigger than 2000 square feet.


Do these air purifiers release ozone?

No, the aforementioned air cleaners do not release ozone at all. They use only filters to catch odors, gases and other toxins. 100% safe for everyone inside a laundry room.

How do I run them?

Every air purifier includes all filters necessary. Depending on a model, you either might have to install filters inside a unit by yourself, or they might be already installed. After this just plug in a unit, turn it on and select the speed, so it starts cleaning the air. In any case, air purifiers come with a user manual that has detailed instructions on how to operate them.

Can I install more than one air purifier in my laundry room?

For sure! For example, if your laundry room is 1500 square feet you either need two Tracs air purifiers or one Airpura V600 to remove smells in the whole area.

Are there only portable solutions for laundry rooms?

No, you can also check these ceiling-mounted air purifiers if portable ones are out of the question.