Last updated on June 13th, 2022

PECO stands for Photo ElectroChemical Oxidation and it is a relatively new technology developed to remove indoor allergens.

What is PECO?

Photo Electrochemical Oxidation is a process when free radicals (photons) break down bacteria, allergens and other particles at a molecular level. Theoretically, it may destroy harmful particles down to 0.1 micron. For reference, most viruses are in the range of 0.1 – 0.3 micron.

Chemical reactions describing the process:
peco chemical reactions

OH + Organics + O2 → Products(CO2, H2O, etc.)

Does PECO Work?

There is a study published in National Library of Medicine in 2018, you can check it out here. The study concludes, that the air purifying device using the PECO technology has managed to reduce nasal and ocular allergy symptoms (TSS) within 4 weeks. 46 individuals took part in the experiment, and the positive changes were constant throughout the 4 weeks.

However, the same study claims that to conclude how efficient the PECO air filter is, they need to execute “an adequately powered, designed and randomized” trial. And each individual that took part in the study served own control without additional check.

There should be noted, that among 4 scientists that performed the experiment (Nikhil G. Rao, Ambuj Kumar, Jenny S. Wong, Ravi Shridhar and Dharendra Y. Goswami) three of them are affiliated one or another way with Molekule – a company that is the main beneficiary of this study. Dr. Goswami is a cofounder of the company, Dr. Rao is its medical advisor and Ms. Wong is employed by Molekule.

What Air Purifier Utilize PECO Today?

As of today, only air purifiers by Molekule utilize this technology.

How it Compares to HEPA Air Filters?

PECO air filters can’t be compared nowadays to HEPA air purifiers as there are not enough products on the market that use this new technology. However, there are some claims throughout the Internet that PECO isn’t way better and is just another marketing trick. And it’s definitely not the cheapest one.