Last updated on October 8th, 2022

Will Aprilaire Model 1610 air purifier remove animal danders?

Does your house have a pet? If it does, you might be wondering if the Aprilaire Model 1610 air purifier can help remove animal dander. We know that people with allergies are not happy when they come into contact with these particles, which is why we want to tell you more about how this model works!

This air purifier will remove allergens in your home, including animal dander.

The Aprilaire Model 1611 has a CADR rating of 190 for large particles and 300 for small particles. As our house gets dirtier, we want to be sure that the filters are working at their best capacity! You have to change them every few months to ensure the highest effectiveness.

Some people wonder if they can clean these filters themselves or need professional help. The answer is that you should look at whether your filters are washable or not. If they are, you can clean them yourself with water.

If you want to read more about the Aprilaire Model 1611 or other models, visit their blog.

So if you’re wondering about whether this model can help with removing animal dander from your home, let’s just say it does! We know all too well how unpleasant allergies can get when people come into contact with these microscopic particles.

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