Last updated on June 22nd, 2022

In short, yes you can use an air purifier and humidifier in the same room next to each other. Continue reading for more details.

Air purifiers and humidifiers can work together in the same room. Neither an air purifier nor a humidifier in any way infringes other’s performance. Don’t worry, your humidifier won’t affect the air filter’s quality in any way if placed next to your air cleaner.

Moreover, air purifiers usually dehumidify the air and slightly lower the overall temperature. So having a humidifier in the same room can combat this “dehumidifying” effect and keep humidity level the same, as it was before you running an air purifier.

In addition, there are many instances when having an air purifier and humidifier helps with allergies: an air filter capture allergens (pollen, dust, pet hair and son on) and a humidifier reduces nasal irritation which is caused by dry air produced by an air purifier.

To sum up, having an air purifier and humidifier in the same room isn’t a bad idea, it’s an excellent idea!

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