Last updated on May 13th, 2022

What’s the difference between the Blueair air purifiers 211+ and 211+ Auto? They look so similar, are they identical? Find out here!

Model Blue Pure 211+ Blue Pure 211+ Auto
Image Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier review Blue Pure 211+ Auto Air Purifier Review
Reason to Buy Lower Price Auto Mode
Filter Replacement Check Price Check Price
CADR 350 CFM 350 CFM
Room Coverage 540 sq. ft. 550 sq. ft.
Power Consumption 30 – 61 Watt 30 – 61 Watt
Noise Levels 31 – 56 dB 31 – 56 dB
Auto Mode
Price Check Price Check Price

So, what’s the main difference between the Blue Pure 211+ and Blue Pure 211+ Auto? The answer is simple: Auto mode.

The built-in Auto mode on the pricier model allows you to set up the unit and let it go, automatically correcting the speed when it senses higher amount of pollution in the air.

For example: you have placed this air purifier in a kitchen and turned Auto mode on. Whenever you stark cooking, the air purifier will “sense” the cooking odor and increase its speed to remove it from the air. After the smell is removed and air is clean, the speed automatically goes down to the lowest level, to keep the air quality at a stable level.

In a nutshell, this function saves a few moves you would have to do in a case with the basic 211+ model. In my opinion, it worth additional 30-40 bucks.

One more word about replacement filters for Blueair Blue Pure 211+ and 211+ Auto. Despite they look identical on paper, in reality a replacement filter for the 211+ model won’t fit the 211+ Auto and vice versa. So keep that in mind, in a case you change filters on these air cleaners.

That’s it for this comparison, hopefully this information was of any help for you.

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