Last updated on June 1st, 2022

Clean Air Delivery Rate is one of the most useful metric for any air purifier. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers specify CADR ratings for their products.

This CADR calculator will help you to find out the air purifier’s rating and avoid scam or any model that marketed for large space, but in reality cannot clean even the smallest room.

To use the calculator, you have to enter room area in square feet, select ceiling height and air changes per hour (how often an air purifier circulate the air in a space). The last one are often found in product descriptions which will allow you to calculate CADR.

CADR Calculator for Any Air Purifier

You may find a recommended ACH value on this page where you can also calculate it using newly obtained CFM value here.

If an air purifier is promoted for 1000 square feet rooms, 800 sq. ft. spaces etc. but you never able to find neither CADR rating nor ACH for specified room size, it is better to avoid such product all together.

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