Last updated on May 29th, 2022

If your Dyson air purifier keeps randomly shutting off, try these fixes:

  • Check whether your power cord and electric socket are working as intended.
  • Check whether the filer is installed properly.
  • If the the Dyson air purifier  was used for far too long it might get overheated (this applies to HP04, foe example), so the unit may turn itself off to prevent itself from this.

If nothing above is true and doing a hard reset doesn’t help, then contact Dyson customer support at 844-705-4777 or WhatsApp.

Dyson Making Noise When Off?

A small fan inside the machine runs to keep air quality data updated all the time. You have to disable continuous monitoring in the Dyson app. If you can’t connect to the app, press and hold the AUTO button for 5 seconds. It should disable this function and your Dyson air purifier will stop making noise when off.

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