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How To Clean Clarifion Air Purifier

Do you want to clean your Clarifion air purifier and don’t know how? This article will help you. It is a step by step guide on how to properly clean your Clarifion ionizer air HEPA purifier.

In order to clean your Clarifion air ionizer, you will need the following:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Waterless hand sanitizer (optional)
  • Vacuum cleaner or cloths (for dry cleaning)

Optional but recommended items for deep cleaning are white vinegar and baking soda. You can also use a dish soap that doesn’t have any strong smell as an alternative.

Step One: Remove the filter cover from your HEPA filter unit by pushing it down until it clicks open.

Step Two: Once you’ve done this, lift out the old HEPA filter to expose the foam lining under it. The best way to remove dust is with a vacuum cleaner if there isn’t much of it. If there is a lot of dust, however, you can use your cleaning brush to gently remove it or moisten the cloth with waterless hand sanitizer for better results.

Step Three: Clean the foam pads on both sides of the HEPA filter unit by using either vacuum cleaner or wet cloths (with optional white vinegar and baking soda mix). Be careful not to cause any damage while removing dirt from them because they have strong static properties that might pull at fabric fibers if handled too hard. Allow these parts time to dry before closing up your air purifier again!

The Clarifion Air Purifier has been designed as an easy device to clean without having to do anything strenuous in order for it to work in the best possible way. This is a guide on how to clean Clarifion Air Purifier and how often it needs cleaning for maximum air purification efficiency!

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54 thoughts on “How To Clean Clarifion Air Purifier

      1. I cannot open it!
        Afraid it will brake!
        Show video how to open it! The blue light did not light up anymore! Do i need to change the battery!?

  1. i read how to clean the clarifion – and have tried pushing down to open it – but doesn’t seem to help…..I lvoe them tho and plan on buying more..

    1. pushed down on all surfaces, nothing happened is this some kind of joke? units work but I need to clean them. please respond.

  2. I am having a problem getting the filter cover to open so I can get to the filters. I have tried pressing down with my hands and am not able to get this to open up. Do you have a diagram or directions on how this can be done?

  3. Clarifion Air Purifier model GL-139, received them on Aug. 2-2021. One unit stopped working on Sept. 18,2021. P020377. WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Would not open like all the other emails I’ve read.

    1. I have had the same problem, will not open! I hate it when I get ripped off like this. I have nothing but a pile of junk!

  4. How can we connect w/Clarifon company as I can’t remove the top either. I’m wondering if we have been scammed. I bought 6 of them & can’t remove the tops to clean. We need to get a telephone # or e-mail to the company.

  5. I guess this was a treat to buy and not be able to open to clean and to try and force us to buy more. Is that It?

    1. Go girl ! I am glad i didn’t pull out my tools . I just put a fan on mine and hope it’s clean .they definitely work 🙂

  6. Is this a scam, I bought for my daughter with three small children if this might cause a fire we really need to be notified!!!!

    1. Same as the rest of the comments…will NOT open! Either let us know how to open them to clean, or send all of our money Back! I bought 3 of them as so many of the other people did.

    1. Then why does the attached yellow warning tag say to clean to avoid possible flash over/fire?!

    1. This is pure BS! I ended up breaking one of mine open to try and figure it out and guess what–nothing inside to brush or clean or wipe! It has stopped lighting up so I thought it was dirty–great job Clarifion–im out 1 air cleaner

  7. I cannot get the clarifying to open. Please send me a replacement for one. I have 5 others that seem to be ok.

  8. Ok, can’t open it to clean???? what do you clean. According to the warning label, should be inspected, cleaned regularly to prevent fire due to flashover???? SO WHAT AND HOW DO YOU CLEAN IT????

  9. I can’t open them! I purchased 6 of them. This is ridiculous! How do I open it to clean it? Please don’t tell me I fell for a scam!

  10. How the heck do I open these?! I have had 6 for several months and as advised I want to clean them. How is this accomished?!
    Very frustrating!

  11. Same here can’t opento clean. Blue lights are gone, I don’t know if it is still working without the blue light. Waste of money.

  12. These instructions are not for the small plug-ins… person didn’t realize the instructions are for a big unit that uses HEPA filters. Even more confusing, they put up a pic of the small plug-in unit!
    To clean the small plug-in units just wipe down with a damp (not wet) micro fiber cloth. Use a clean dry old tooth brush to gently clean off the ionizer brush on the right of the unit. This should be done monthy. That’s all there is to it.

    1. If it isn’t for the small plug ins, they shouldn’t have the yellow sticker telling you to clean them. If they are to be cleaned, some instructions should have been included as to how to do it.

  13. My daughter is an RN supervisor with 5 children, ages 5 1/2 years and under with a newborn 8 weeks old. I take care of them while she goes to work. She is very health conscious and very excited about using the Clarifion purifier. I had it plugged into the wall and noticed the yellow label on the side, warning of a potential fire risk. I had no idea how to clean it and unit is impossible to open per these instructions? Great
    product, but I’m now Leary
    of continued use with small children in my home with thIs possibility of fire risk. Please advise your potential customers how to properly clean the unit prior to purchase.
    Product unit # P020293

  14. I was preparing to buy the 3 pack. I’ve read all the negative reviews and frankly they frightened me out of buying. Let us know when you get it all straightened out, then I will buy. I can’t afford to be scammed.

  15. one, do these need to be cleaned or not? 2. the light stopped working, does that mean it needs to be cleaned? 3. I am wondering like everyone else, a scam> I will be checking with BBB

  16. Why why why all I ask is for simple instruction on cleaning, I am tired of spending monies and being kicked to the curb money does not grow on trees, God will get you for this I am a senior citizen with COPD thought this would help

  17. I read the warning label tonight and thought well I should clean it. Guess what…. It don’t open!!! What are you suppose to clean??? Am I suppose to worry about a fire??? Seriously. I bought 6 and want to make sure my house isn’t gonna burn down

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