May 30, 2021

Lantark Air Purifier reviewThere is plenty of air purifier available in the market, so finding the right one can be pretty challenging. However, this Lantark air purifier review article will guide you in making a perfect choice if you plan to buy one. The Lantark air purifier claims that it prevents you from being exposed to dust particles, allergens, pollens, smoke particles, and pollutants. It is a pure HEPA air purifier that filters 99% of the air. Moreover, it is the perfect air purifier for children, older people, and also for those who have respiratory problems.

How does it perform? What are its pros and cons? Is it worth buying? Read on below to learn everything you need to know about the Lantark air purifier.

The Good
  • The HEPA technology effectively purifies 99% of the unwanted particles and kills most viruses and bacteria.
  • It effectively removes every bad odor from cigarette smokers, pets to toilet smells.
  • Lantark air purifier is energy-efficient as it run on low energy.
  • It filters the air at a 360-degree wide-angle with very high efficiency.
  • Highly rated for its excellent performance and longevity.
  • It has 4 stage filtration system- true HEPA filter, pre-filter, molecular sieve, and activated carbon filter.
  • The Lantark air purifier produces significantly less noise.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Best suited for people who are prone to allergies
  • It is ozone-free.
The Bad
  • The microorganisms can accumulate in the carbon filter and multiply rapidly. It may later release back the collected bacteria in the air.
  • It does not come with a Wi-Fi connection.

Lantark Air Purifier Review

The companies can claim all high and mighty about their products. However, the real question is whether the product does what it claims.  After using the Lantark air purifier for a few months, here is my honest review about the air purifier.

Design and looks

Lantark Air Purifier review

The Lantark air purifier comes in a sleek and classic design. I like the design and looks of the product very much. It comes in a cylindrical-shaped air filter that purifies air at all 360-degree angles. Also, it has two-speed options for overcoming various kinds of conditions. Lanark air purifier has a wide range of its effect; it can filter out all the air in your surroundings. But make sure you use where they fit into perfectly so that the filter can perform up to its maximum potential.


The performance of this air purifier is exceptional; it can purify tiny microparticles to large pollutants like dust, pollen, and smoke. The best feature that I noticed in this air cleaner is its performance. I instantly noticed the improvement of air quality in my entire house. All the rooms were much fresher, and breathing feels so amazing. Lantark air filter purified every single unwanted particle in my environment. From dust to pollen and smoke of cigarettes, it just filters out everything.


The Lantark air purifier is built with multiple filtration systems. Firstly, it uses the Negative ion generator, which releases millions of small negative ions to purify the surroundings. Secondly, the molecular sieve helps in absorbing all the harmful pollutants in the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde. The third layer of filtration is the pre-filter that ensures that all the large particles like pet fur and hair are removed from your environment.

Besides, the Lantark air purifier also uses the Ture HEPA filter, which traps all the tiny particles from your surroundings. It can trap all particles which are as small as 0.3 microns. Lastly, the activated carbon filter helps in absorbing all kinds of the foul odor from the house, including smoke and pet orders.


The Lantark air purifier is also very efficient. Even after using this product for five months, the machine works perfectly with very high efficiency. The Lanark air purifier is designed with the technology of HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, and it can purify the air in your surroundings with 99% efficiency. It can filter any pollutants and smells. Thus, the efficiency of this air purifier is commendable.


Even after using the product for such a long time, I didn’t find any degradation in the air filter performance. Besides, the electricity consumption is also the same even after months of its installation. So, I can confidently say that this air purifier can last for a very long time.

Ozone Free

One of the best things about the air purifier is that it does not produce any ozone. Unlike refrigerators and air conditioners that have ozone, this air purifier is free from ozone.  Moreover, the Lantark air cleaner is completely eco-friendly, which makes it even more attractive.

Low energy Consumption

Another thing that has benefitted me a lot from this air purifier is its low consumption of energy. Even after its installation, the consumption of electricity did not change much. The electricity bill did not make much difference though I run the air purifier 24×7.


Apart from the low consumption of electricity, it also produces very low sound. This air purifier produces sound lower than 23 decibels and provides you with a quiet environment. Honestly, you won’t even notice the sound unless you are sitting right beside the air purifier machine. Thus, the low noise level is one of the perks of the Lantark air purifier.

Free from allergy

If you are allergic to dust, pollen, or any allergens, I recommend buying this Lantark air purifier. This air purifier absorbs all kinds of allergens and unwanted viruses flying around your whole home. It helps in eliminating the common allergy triggering pollutants like plant pollen, dust, mold, etc. Besides, it is also the perfect air purifier for people having respiratory problems.


The price of this cleaner is cost-effective. In other words, the cost of the Lanark air purifier is very reasonable as it comes with enormous features and benefits.

There are some adverse consumer reports about the air purifier. However, according to my experience using the Lantark air purifier, I don’t find any drawbacks to this product. From its high technology design to the performance level, everything is perfect. In addition, the installation process of the air purifier is very easy. All I had to do was fixed it to the switchboard. Also, I made sure that the air purifier is kept in a place where it can quickly freshen up all the surroundings.

How to install the Lantark air purifier

As soon as the Lantark air purifier is delivered to you, open the box gently and slowly take it out from the pack. Along with the machine, you will find a manual for installing and operating the air purifier. Read the manual carefully and fix the wire to a switchboard. However, before installing the air purifier, make sure to place it where it can produce its maximum effect.

The Lantark air purifier will have an on and off button, which will be mentioned explicitly in the machine. Besides, it comes with a switch button and so you can switch it to different modes depending on the condition of your environment.


It is pretty easy to maintain the Lantark air purifier. The high-tech HEPA filters do not even need washing or cleaning. However, you can clean the outer body of the air purifier by wiping off the dirt with a clean cloth. While cleaning the air purifier, make sure you pluck off the wire from the socket as it may result in getting electric shock or damaging the machine. If you find it difficult to wipe off some stains, you can use a stain remover or a window cleaner to wipe off all the stains.

Though the maintenance of the Lantark air purifier is effortless, make sure to replace the filter of the air purifier at least once in six months.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lantark air purifier.

Where can I buy the Lantark air purifier?

You can easily purchase the air purifier from the

Can I wash the filters of the Lantark air purifiers?

No, the filters of the Lantark air purifiers are not made for cleaning or washing under any circumstances. However, you will need to replace the air filters with a new one in an average period of six months.

Where can I buy the replacement filters of Lantark air purifiers?

The replacement filters for Lantark air purifiers can be found easily for sale in the Amazon shopping app. You can also find the replacement filters on the official website of Lantark.

What is the cost of a Lantark air purifier replacement filter?

The cost of Lantark air purifier’s replacement filters ranges from $100 to $200. However, you can get discounts on these products by applying a promo code or using a coupon.

How often should I replace my Lantark air purifier filter?

You can use your air purifier for a maximum of one year. However, it is best that you replace it twice a year. Replacing the air filter will ensure that your air purifier will last longer and perform with better efficiency.

How do I know if my filter is dirty?

As they are made up of high-quality carbon filters, you will not notice anything on the filters even though they are dirty. So, it is recommended that you change the filters at least once or twice a year.

Can I reuse my filter?

No, you cannot reuse your Lantark air purifying filters. The only option available is replacing your filter with a new one.

What should I do with my old filter?

The only thing you can do with your old filter is dumped it for recycling. Do not litter it around as it will cause more pollution in the environment.

Are these air filters harmful to health?

No, the filters of Lantark air purifiers are made with the best technology of HEPA filters. It does not show any signs of harmful effects to our health. Recently, there were some allegations and controversies that the HEPA filters may possess some detrimental impact on human beings. However, scientists have proven that there is no evidence on HEPA air filters that are harmful to our health.

What should I do to increase the lifespan of the air purifier?

The best thing you can do to increase its lifespan is to replace the filter twice a year. The lasting of the machine also depends on the pollution level in your surrounding and the rate of usage. If the pollution level in your surrounding is very high, keep replacing the air filter more frequently.


The Lantark air purifiers are the perfect air filters for cleaning up pollutants and unwanted particles. It can absorb and filter particles from the minor kind of microorganisms to large particles such as smoke and dust. Amid the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to purify the air in our surroundings. A good air purifier will enable us to breathe fresh air and not fall prey to the virus. This air purifier filters all the allergens and bacterial viruses around it, covering a wide angle of 360-degree.

Moreover, the cost of the Lantark air purifier is very reasonable. It also has numerous benefits like low consumption of electricity, exceptional performance, and high efficiency. Also, it is easy to install and operate. Thus, if you plan to get an air purifier, the Lantark air purifier is the best choice.

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