Last updated on June 3rd, 2022

Will Charcoal Broken Up Act As Air Purifier

Activated charcoal is the latest trend in home air purification. It’s actually been used for centuries because it has a natural ability to absorb impurities as well as other gases and odors from the air around you. But does activated charcoal broken up act as an air purifier? Let’s take a look at how these little pieces of magic work!

Activated charcoal is created by burning organic materials and grinding the resulting black soot into a fine powder. It has natural adsorptive properties, meaning that it attracts other things to its surface – such as toxins in your home’s air!

Activated charcoal works like this: When oxygen passes over the activated carbon substance, any chemical or toxic substances within are drawn up and trapped on the inside of these little pores where they’re unable to escape. That means you can breathe easier in rooms with an activated charcoal filter!

In general, one square foot of activated carbon will absorb about 50% more gas than a fiberglass vacuum cleaner (roughly 200 ft³ or 500 L). So while there may not be enough space for broken chaircoal to clean, it can help to reduce your exposure to indoor air odors!


The answer to the question is that activated charcoal does not act as an air purifier. It filters some of the smells in home’s air but cannot break up and filter out all toxins like other products on the market such as a HEPA air filter or ionizer.

This means you need more than just one item for better protection from harmful substances in your environment; if this was not enough then I would recommend consulting with a professional who specializes in environmentally-friendly living spaces about what additional steps may be taken.

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