June 5, 2021

Would An Air Purifier Help My Cat That Has Asthma

Cats are notoriously sensitive creatures, with a lot of allergies. If you have noticed your cat has started sneezing or breathing heavily from time to time, it may be due to allergens in the air.

Air purifiers can help reduce these allergens and make your home cleaner for both you and them! Read on below for more information about air purifiers and cats.

Would an air purifier help my that has asthma? Air purifiers are designed to clean the air inside your house as well as outside sources like pollen on trees or smoke from chimneys. They will also take care of indoor pollutants such as pets dander (dead skin cells), dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and more. This means they would definitely benefit a cat suffering from asthma.

As an added bonus, air purifiers can help you and your family breathe easier too!

Will An Air Purifier Help My Cats Allergies?

If you think an air purifier will help your cats allergies, then it may! It all depends on the severity and type of allergy they have. If there are a lot of allergens in the air that could make them sneeze or irritate their lungs, then yes, this might be a good idea for both you and them.

Air purifiers work by reducing dust particles as well as other things like pollen, pet dander (skin flakes), smoke from cigarettes or candles etc., so if one of these is causing a reaction to your cat’s respiratory system then getting rid of these would definitely help reduce symptoms such as coughing up hairballs more often than normal.

It also makes sense that if their immune system is stronger and they don’t have to exert so much energy fighting off a virus that air purifiers might help them live longer.

Before deciding on getting one for your cat – check how severe their allergies are first to see if this would be worth doing anything at all.

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