Last updated on June 3rd, 2022

If you woke up due to smoke alarm set off by an air purifier, follow these tips to ensure this won’t happen in the future:

  • Place your air purifier as far as possible from the smoke detector.
  • If you are using aerosol, make a pause and see whether it helped with triggering the detector.
  • Ionizers or air purifiers with a built-in ionizer might trigger smoke detectors too. In the second case you can turn off the ionizer. If ionizing is your only option to clean the air, place it as far away as you could.
  • Air purifiers without ionizers do not trigger false smoke alarm. However, if there is too much particles of fine dust that aren’t captured by the air filter, then this dust is also known to have caused smoke alarm.

These easy tips make sure you won’t ever have to experience false smoke alarms!

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One thought on “Air Purifier Set Off Smoke Alarm! What to Do?

  1. I just moved and the smoke detectors keep going off and now we replaced them. While replacing, I noticed that the detector uses ionization so I looked up the effects of air purifiers that have built in ionization. I just turned off this feature to see if that helps. In the other house, the purifiers were far away from the detectors in the house, and in the new house they are nearby. I’ll also experiment with moving them because I’d like to keep the ionization on because the last home had mold issues and I want to avoid any problems here. Thanks for the info!

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