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Blue Pure 411 air purifiers designed to clean the air in small rooms up to 200 square feet. There are some differences between the base version Blueair Blue Pure 411, improved 411+ and 411 Auto all of which I explore in this comparison article.

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Blue Pure 411
Blue Pure 411+
Blue Pure 411 Auto
Blue Pure 411 vs 411+ vs Auto
Blueair Blue Pure 411+ vs 411 vs 411 Auto
Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto vs 411 vs 411+
Reason to Buy
More Powerful
Auto Mode
Under $120
Under $140
Under $140
Room Coverage
161 sq. ft.
185 sq. ft.
190 sq. ft.
105 CFM
119 CFM
123 CFM
Filter Life
6 months
6 months
6 months
Filter Replacement
Auto Mode
Noise Levels
17 – 46 dB
17 – 46 dB
18 – 48 dB
Max Power
1.5 – 10 Watts
1.5 – 10 Watts
2 – 10 Watts

Major Differences Between Blueair Blue Pure 411, 411+ and 411 Auto

Blueair air purifiers are known to be affordable air cleaning units and Blue Pure 411 series is a great example of this. All air purifiers of these series feature a true HEPA air filter, with an addition of a pre-filter for larger particles (pet hair, large dust particles, dander) and carbon filter for odor elimination (in a kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

However, there are 3 major differences between the Blue Pure 411, 411+ and 411 Auto:

  • The cheapest air purifier Blue Pure 411 covers 161 sq. ft. (8 ft. ceilings). 411+ features better motor, allowing it to clean air in an area up to 185 square feet. The 411 Auto has coverage up to 190 sq. ft.
  • CADR ratings increased respectively: from 105 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on Blue Pure 411, to 119 CFM on 411+, to 123 CFM on 411 Auto.
  • The biggest difference between the 411 models is Auto mode that is available on the Blue Pure 411 Auto. Instead of manually selecting speed each time air quality has changed, the auto feature allows for “plug-in and forget” style of operation. The built-in sensor checks the air quality when the air purifier is running and automatically adjust the fan speed according to the data.


  • All Blueair Blue Pure 411 air cleaners use the same HEPA air filter and can filter dust particles, smoke and odors.
  • Noise reaches up to 48 decibel at maximum speed.
  • Power consumption doesn’t exceed 10 Watts.

Which Blue Pure 411 to Buy?

If you don’t mind spend 20 dollars more to get the best of an air purifier, then the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto is a option number one here. It features larger room coverage compared to the cheaper models and also doesn’t require you to do anything at all – just plug-in the unit, press the power button and enjoy clean air in your bedroom, bathroom or any other small area.

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One thought on “Blueair Blue Pure 411 vs 411+ vs 411 Auto Comparison

  1. Does the Blue 411+ have an indicator light that lets you know it’s time to change the filter. Also how do you reset after changing?

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