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If you’re like me and have a house full of pets, you undoubtedly had to deal with odors. I tried everything from store-bought room fresheners to bulky air purifiers. But all of them were a bother to maintain, which led me to use different alternatives from online stores. Then I came across a product from Critterzone, which proved to be the best product to remove the foul odor. With that in mind, let’s get on with our article on Critterzone Air Naturalizer review.

But before diving right into the specifics, let me give you a gist of the benefits and drawbacks.

Critterzone Air Purifier Naturalizer Review

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The Good
  • It doesn’t use any filter.
  • No usage of chemicals.
  • Best to treat pet odors
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly.
  • It is cost-effective since there is no need for replacement filters.
The Bad
  • It does produce a very negligible amount of ozone.
  • The purifier fails to destroy the chemical components of the air particles.
  • Limited air circulation.

Critterzone Air Naturalizer Review

The Critterzone Air Naturalizer is an air purifier that also neutralizes pet odor. It employs advanced technology that generates a naturally “charged” flow of air. The process is similar to how the air feels and smells fresher after a downpour. The airflow gives the air inside the house the same charge that the sun uses to purify outside air.

All you have to do is plug the unit into a wall socket or use a cord to connect it. And it’ll make the air fresher, less odorous, and free of dust, germs, and allergens. Besides, these are in accordance with the consumer reports.

The drawback is only with regards to its by-products. That is, it gives out ozone through the conversion of oxygen molecules. But the amount of released ozone is negligible. That is, in small places, the smell is, indeed, a little notable. But in larger cities or areas, the smell of ozone isn’t noticeable.

Dedication to Outdoor (Organic) Energy

It is among the latest innovations with regards to clean energy. Organic or Outdoor energy aims to mimic energy conversions that occur through natural processes. It is a vital factor that ensures the healthy and optimal growth of bodies and minds. Besides, Outdoor Energy extends to our pets too.

Critterzone Air Naturalizer stresses its dedication to offering clean air that is free of dust, pollen, and odor. It is a brand that especially focuses on those with pets. At the end of the day, even pets belong and thrive in the outside world. Pets require the natural sun and the occasional fresh breeze. And that is what Critterzone offers through its Air Naturalizers.

Moreover, it protects the pets against pathogens that may cause illnesses by providing them with a clean environment.

Portable Design

The Critterzone Air Naturalizer wall unit is very lightweight, which makes it very easy to move around in a house. It’s small enough to plug in anywhere without disturbing my pets. And it doesn’t emit any dangerous chemicals while functioning. It operates in a very quiet and efficient manner. A single unit carries a punch, and it is perfect for smaller apartments.

The portable air purifier takes up very little room, measuring less than 4.5 inches in height and 2 inches wide. It’s tough to imagine that such a small device can accomplish so much. But believe me when I say that it can. The clean lines and white tone complement any décor.

Critterzone also makes a car adaptor cord that allows it to work in a moving vehicle. It is ideal for transporting pets while keeping the inside clean and odorless.

No Filter

The No Filter function may leave you stunned as everybody seems to be buzzing about the HEPA filter standards. The answer to what they use as a substitute is, of course, Mother Nature’s own technology.

There are no filters in nature to generate clean and fresh air. The natural decomposition of particles does not need the use of filters. Filters are receptacles that catch dust particles. But most often, these filters will not eradicate the pollutants. It will only remove them from the area.

Instead of filters, Critterzone achieves efficient removal of odor through electrically charging the air particles.

No Chemicals

The most appealing aspect of the purifier is that it doesn’t use chemicals. Also, the air purifier doesn’t release any chemicals.

The way the air cleaner by Critterzone works is through the mechanism of charged particles. It makes use of charges to get rid of the pollutants present in the air. The energy charges the particles and initiates a reaction to purify them.

These particles need this charge so that they can react with other nearby particles. The result is the segregation of particles into chemical and non-chemical components. It tries to mimic what naturally occurs in nature with respect to the sun. Thus, the resulting air is fresh, clean, and free of any dust or pollen, smoke, or foul odor.


Every product comes with a user manual, and the Critterzone Air Naturalizer is no exception to that. The manual offers a complete guide on each and everything related to the product. It consists of stepwise guides, a control panel, the do’s and don’ts, and cleaning instructions. Besides, having the manual will greatly assist you in getting started with the product. Also, it will provide you with the technical know-how to ensure an efficient product for a long time.

How to use it?

The Critterzone Naturalizer is a great device for any pet owner. It uses an ionic plasma technology, which extracts minute components from the air. Then it employs hydroxyls, which decomposes the compounds responsible for foul odors. A single unit covers an area of 800 sq ft, and it only requires about 3 Watts to operate.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, Critterzone does not make use of any chemicals. Thus, it is filter-free and uses eco-friendly technology.

Since it doesn’t make use of any air filters, don’t confuse it with purifiers that use them. Thus, the concept of HEPA filters does not extend to Critterzone Air Naturalizers. HEPA filters, in short, refers to a standard for purifiers using air filters with very high efficiency.

If the air is heavily polluted, the purifier will release a faint metallic odor. And this indicates that it is working properly. As the air becomes cleaner, the odor will fade. The company recommends starting the device on low, which is to the right on the level. By doing so, the smell will not be overwhelming, and the device will continue to clean the air.

I raised the output after 24 hours, which increased the metallic smell. But it also canceled out the scent of musk and litter after a few hours.


Critterzone, like any other air purifier, needs deep cleaning regularly. The manufacturer recommends cleaning it every two weeks. But, you should clean it if you detect urine crystals or debris in the vents of the unit. Such occurrences are normal in houses with small animals. You can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe any debris from the machine’s surface.

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Will the Critterzone Air Naturalizer help with cat litter smell?

With regards to any smell, be it even from cat litter, any traditional air purifier will do the trick. But these usual purifiers fall short when it comes to getting rid of the odor. In simple terms, they do their job halfway by only reducing the smell to a minimum.

At the same time, that is what the Critterzone Air Naturalizers excel at doing. It doesn’t just create some charged particles in the air. The air purifier charges the particles, suspends them in the air before removing the odor from the whole home.

In case of the urine odor from a cat litter, it would be ideal if you keep the Critterzone Air Naturalizer near the litter. It will charge the air around the litter and separate them into positively and negatively charged ions. Thus, when the odor develops, the air cleaner will fend off against it.

Can the Critterzone Air Naturalizer get the odor of urine out of the air?

When it comes to removing the bad odor of urine, nothing does it better than the Critterzone’s Air Naturalizer. Trust me, using a traditional air purifier will only make the scent faint. It will not be able to cleanse the room of the urine smell entirely. That is because of its very limited interaction with the air particles. But that is not so with Critterzone’s air cleaner.

The air purifier not only removes the foul odor of urine from the whole room but brings the air back to life. It does that by focusing on the odor-causing air particles and breaking them down. The air purifier achieves that by filtering the particles into chemical and non-chemical parts.

In the majority of the scenarios, it works even more efficiently than, say, scented candles or room fresheners. That is because these methods, instead of removing the odor, mask the odor with a type of fragrance. Thus, the room now feels more stuffed, which only worsens the odor situation.

Will Critterzone air freshener remove odor from carpet?

The air purifier by Critterzone removes any odor from the whole home, and that includes the carpets too. Over time, carpets can become one of the sources of foul odor in the house. It may be from dampness as a result of your cat peeing or pooping on the carpet. In that case, the first task is to figure out when exactly did your pet pee or poo.

If the area is still wet, soak the area well with a towel. Once you do that, take the Critterzone Air Naturalizer and place it near the spot. Placing a bucket or a small bowl beneath the carpet stain raises the efficiency of the air cleaner.

Do I need to change the filters?

The answer is that you don’t need to. And that is perhaps the most convenient part about using the Critterzone Air Naturalizer. Instead of using a filtration system, it uses electrical charges to charge the air to remove odor. Thus, you’ll never come across the need to buy new filters. In this way, you’ll be able to save up on maintenance money.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to clean it regularly. I advise that you clean the purifier often if you live in an area with high dust and pollution levels.

The Final Verdict

It is evident how efficient the Critterzone Air Naturalizer is. Even though there are a few flaws here and there, overall, it is a great product. Besides, it is user-friendly, and the price of the purifier is affordable. It is available for sale on Amazon as well as their website. And, you can even avail of it by using promo codes or coupons from certain online stores.

I saw a difference after only a few days. And although there was a faint metallic odor, it was not unpleasant. For the first time in a long while, I did not smell the cat litter boxes. The musky smell was non-existent.

That was a huge relief for me. Any smell from my dog food and the stench from the carpet vanished as well. It worked like magic! The sky is the limit for this air cleaner, which is why I strongly suggest it to you.

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