Last updated on May 29th, 2022

Blinking red light on Homedics air purifier mean that you have to replace the UV-C bulb. Follow the guide below on how do it right.

I recommend getting this UV-C bulb. It is cheap and fits Homedics AP-T20, AP-T20WT, AP-T30, AP-T35, AP-T45, AP-T45WT, AP-T40, AP-T40WT, 1461901 series. The pack contains 2 replacement bulbs.

After you swapped your old bulb with a new one, red color will change to blue on the control panel of your Homedics air purifier. If its still flashing red, check whether the integrity of your newly bought UV-C lights isn’t compromised.

If red light doesn’t go away, contact Homedics customer support 1-800-466-3342 (if you still have a warranty) or leave your question at

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19 thoughts on “Homedics Air Purifier Blinking Red Light: How to Fix

  1. Will the homedics purifier still work if the red light is blinking? I replaced the filter and my light is on order. I still want to run the purifier . Can I ?

  2. Is it safe for me to run my purifier with the red light flashing? I just changed the filter…the light was not blinking before. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP. Debra May

    1. 1. Unplug the air purifier and remove the HEPA-type filter.
      2. Remove the cover to expose the UV-C bulb
      3. Gently push from the sides and rotate the UV-C bulb to remove.
      4. Remove and replace the UV-C bulb.

  3. When he says remove the cover, he means remove the two screws that are typically underneath the filter that are exposed once you remove the filter. That’s where the UVC bulb is located at.

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