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How To Clean Mooka Air Purifier

Mooka air purifiers are a great way to improve the quality of your air, but after time their filters become dirty and need cleaning. The steps for how to clean Mooka air purifiers are:

  1. Unplug from power source
  2. Remove filter from inside by pulling up on tabs.
  3. Rinse with water or use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust particles from the HEPA filter. Water or vacuum cleaners do have the same efficiency.
  4. If you used water let it dry before putting back in place. In a case of vacuum cleaner put it back on the Mooka air purifier immediately.
  5. Close up tab and connect to the power source – your air purifier is ready to go!

What are the difficulties with cleaning Mooka air purifiers

The most difficult part about cleaning Mooka air purifiers is ensuring that it can dry before putting back into place. Water usually does a better job of this than vacuum cleaners, but in both cases the efficiency is 100%.

Cleaning Mooka air purifiers and replacing filters regularly will ensure you have clean healthy air to breathe at all times. It’s important to keep your filter changed and give your unit a good wash down every now and then! That way you’ll be able to enjoy breathing fresh filtered air for many years.

General tips about cleaning Mooka Air Purifier

– Clean the Mooka air purifier with a vacuum cleaner, which is more effective than water alone in extracting dirt and dust from the device.

– Ensure that it dry before putting back into place.

– The filter needs to be checked often for any signs of wear and tear – especially if you have pets or children who are constantly playing on your floor! If so, then replace your Mooka filter sooner rather than later. You don’t want to run out while you’re away from home because this will pose a health risk when breathing fresh filtered air during such time periods.

It’s important to keep your filter changed and give your Mooka air purifier a thorough clean at least once every few months.


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