Last updated on June 2nd, 2022

You probably already read someone’s review stating that their Levoit air purifier gives off radiation, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And now you’re wondering what this scary word means and is it dangerous, right?

Let me answer the questions.

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF means Electric and magnetic fields that are more known by word “radiation“. So EMF isn’t some sort of radiation, it is the official name of radiation.

What kind of radiation Levoit or other air purifiers give off? Answer is simple: electrical particles produce their own electric filed that is exposed by an EMF detector. Any device that uses electricity will be exposed by the detectors.

Is the radiation emitted by an air purifier dangerous?

Is you TV dangerous? Is you vacuum cleaner dangerous? Obviously not, unless you think otherwise.

So if you read that a Levoit HEPA air purifier emits radiation, or any other air purifier gives it off, you can heave a sigh of relief – it just means that a unit is powered up by electricity (what a surprise!). Do not fall for cheap but attention-grabbing titles like “Air purifiers are dangerous!” or “Air purifiers emit radiation!” since they use you r not understanding of the subject as a base for fear.


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