Last updated on April 9th, 2022

If your Levoit air purifier won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to anything there are three major reasons to that:

  1. The socket you’re plugging into isn’t working. Check if it’s working at all by plugging another appliance into it.
  2. See if the cord isn’t damaged. If it is, stop using the Levoit air purifier altogether and contact the customer support.
  3. Your air purifier got broken after heavy usage. This is the most common reason for your air cleaning unit to stop working. Levoit air purifiers aren’t the most durable ones.

In cases two and three contact Levoit customer support: (888) 726-8520 (toll free) or email at

P.S. It seems like the LV-Pur131 and LV-Pur131s are amongst the most unreliable Levoit air purifiers as it they get broken more  often compared to the Core 300 or LV-H132. Thus, people are looking for an answer to the question “Levoit 131 air purifier not turning on“. I do not recommend getting the Levoit 131 unless the issue is fixed.

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If red light on Levoit air purifier doesn’t work you should contact customer support as well. Although, in a case you prefer to change the HEPA air filter often, it may not have any bad repercussions on your device performance.

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One thought on “Levoit Air Purifier Won’t Turn On: What to Do?

  1. The 131 units are crap. I bought three, and all three had to be replaced under warranty when they would no longer turn on. Now, two of those units have the same problem and all Levoit will offer is 15% off new units! I think the issue is that the control circuitry is very poorly protected against power surges. Here in Florida we get a lot of lightning and momentary power outages. I have had all of the units plugged into surge protectors, but it appears even that is not enough to protect these snowflake devices. Any idea if there is an aftermarket source for replacement or repair of the control panels/circuitry? In the meantime, NOT RECOMMENDED!

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