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If your Levoit air purifier won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to anything there are three major reasons to that:

  1. The socket you’re plugging into isn’t working. Check if it’s working at all by plugging another appliance into it.
  2. See if the cord isn’t damaged. If it is, stop using the Levoit air purifier altogether and contact the customer support.
  3. Your air purifier got broken after heavy usage. This is the most common reason for your air cleaning unit to stop working. Levoit air purifiers aren’t the most durable ones.

In cases two and three contact Levoit customer support: (888) 726-8520 (toll free) or email at

P.S. It seems like the LV-Pur131 and LV-Pur131s are amongst the most unreliable Levoit air purifiers as it they get broken more  often compared to the Core 300 or LV-H132. Thus, people are looking for an answer to the question “Levoit 131 air purifier not turning on“. I do not recommend getting the Levoit 131 unless the issue is fixed.

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If red light on Levoit air purifier doesn’t work you should contact customer support as well. Although, in a case you prefer to change the HEPA air filter often, it may not have any bad repercussions on your device performance.

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24 thoughts on “Levoit Air Purifier Won’t Turn On: What to Do?

  1. The 131 units are crap. I bought three, and all three had to be replaced under warranty when they would no longer turn on. Now, two of those units have the same problem and all Levoit will offer is 15% off new units! I think the issue is that the control circuitry is very poorly protected against power surges. Here in Florida we get a lot of lightning and momentary power outages. I have had all of the units plugged into surge protectors, but it appears even that is not enough to protect these snowflake devices. Any idea if there is an aftermarket source for replacement or repair of the control panels/circuitry? In the meantime, NOT RECOMMENDED!

  2. I purchased the Levoit model PUR131S in September 2020. Last week it wouldn’t power on. I just sent an email to Levoit support asking them to send me the part to fix it. I am waiting for a response.

  3. I also had a power surge and it instantly stopped working. It’s past It’s warranty,unfortunately. I am not impressed based on the price of it and the filters.

    1. Sadly, my unit will not power back on. Power to unit verified by red power light, just no response when you try to actually turn on. Sadly, just purchased a dual pack of filters $75 wasted.

  4. My Air purifier is not working I don’t know if it was a surge or not but it just stopped it’s not the wall plug or the cord and I feel like I wasted all my money.

  5. Red lights on but not powering up after I changed the filters and hit the reset. Bummed to read all of the reviews showing that this 131 is unreliable after a while. Now what?

  6. My husband unplugged it and then plugged it into a plug converter, instead of a surge extension cord and then it stopped working.

  7. Unfortunately, I have the same problem as all the others have posted. I’ve not had mine very long, but it was a power outage and now it doesn’t turn on. Waste of money and cost of extra filters. Never again. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell something like this.

  8. Same problem as above the purifier just completely quit at about two years old on auto setting with regular maintenance and filter changes. Shaking my head , and dissatisfied.

  9. Yup, I unplugged mine to change the filter and now it wont turn back on again. Sound like others have had the same bad luck. What to do?

    1. Same here. Did you find a solution? I have new filters for an inoperative unit. Not sure I want to reinvest in this brand.

  10. I unplugged my unit to move to another room and Won’t even show its plugged up Piece of Junk Hadn’t read the reviews OR I wouldn’t have bought this junk

  11. I’ve got two of the LV-PUR131 that are just out of the two year warranty and they stopped working as well. I was able to get one back online by using versus reset instructions on found on independent sites, but it’s stuck in a certain mode and the display panel stopped working. The other one I got working back a month ago, but when I unplugged it to move it, I can’t bring it back on regardless the number of steps I’ve tried from internet searches. Just the Red ICON with Circle shows. The fan for this works well still with no whining, but the circuitry enabling control of the unit seems to be subpar. I agree with that the reliability is not good

    1. Same here. Did you find a solution? I have new filters for an inoperative unit. Not sure I want to reinvest in this brand.

  12. I have the same problem with this 131S as well. At one day, the air quality light turn red and it will not response to the power button anymore. The life of this purifier is just about less than 3 years.

  13. just replaced the filters on my levoit 131s , plugged it back in all i get is a red light, this is my second unit.

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