Last updated on May 29th, 2022

All Winix air purifiers use color codes to indicate air quality. These color codes are:

  • Blue light. Means very good air quality. If your Winix PlasmaWave air purifier is set to auto mode it will run a low speed.
  • Amber light. Means fair air quality.
  • Red light. Means bad air quality as the sensor has detected many airborne pollutants in the air. The air purifier should run at a maximum speed in this case.

These color charts are the same for all Winix air purifiers including C535, 5300-2, 5500-2 and others.

P.S. If your Winix blinking red and the source of this is filter indicator, you should replace the air filter and reset the light.

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7 thoughts on “Winix Air Purifier Color Codes Meaning

  1. Thank you for the explanation. I have had a couple of these air purifiers but must not have read their manual (not sure where I placed them). I am glad that Google pointed to your blog. I just switched the settings to auto and since the light shows orange it increased the fan by one step. Thank you again.

  2. Thanks. I just got mine yesterday and the manual didn’t seem to say very much in regards to filter light meanings. I had my first night last night with filtered air in my bedroom. No sniffles, Headaches or sinus pain.

  3. I purchased an Wines Air Purifier and it had no instructions. What does it mean if an orange light appears?

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