Last updated on June 2nd, 2022

You’ve probably noticed that air purifiers are a popular choice for people who want to eliminate household odors. But is it possible for an air purifier to help with cigarette smoke? Yes they can! But make sure to pick the right air purifier for the job.

Recommended air purifiers to remove smoke

Top Tips For Removing Cigarette Smoke w/ Air Purifier

You’ll want to start by selecting an air purifier that has a CADR rating of 100+. This will ensure it’s strong enough for the job at hand.

You have also to take a look at the ACH rating. Smoke is removed from a room if air purifier is capable of performing 8 air changes per hour. Navigate to the ACH page to get to know what’s that and how to calculate it.

Be sure you place your new air purifier in areas where cigarette smoke is most concentrated – typically near doors or windows so it can filter as much air as possible before entering your home. These include bedrooms (if they’re small), living rooms, kitchens, hallways and stairwells too!

You may also need multiple units if there are different rooms where you smoke cigarettes. Tobacco smoke settles in furniture, your carpet and upholstery. If you smoke cigarettes at a desk or table for example, an air purifier would be helpful there too!

Some homes may require more than one air purifier to adequately eliminate cigarette odors from the environment.

Most importantly – don’t forget about maintenance of your air purifier! Regularly clean your filters because it will fill up with contaminants captured from the air in your room. And change True HEPA filter regularly, otherwise they lose their ability to capture particles thus greatly reducing air cleaning capability.

So can air purifiers help with cigarette smoke? Yes! With proper maintenance air purifiers can remove smoke smell from your rooms.

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