April 24, 2021

Winix Air Purifier ReviewsUnless you are isolated somewhere in the countryside, chances are the air quality is always a problem. Fortunately, improving it has never been easier, and air purifiers make an excellent choice in terms of clearing microorganisms and dust from your air. Based on pretty much every Winix air purifier review, the appliance provides efficient filtration, fine dust, and pollen removal, and cigarette smoke control.

There are lots of options when hunting for a good air purifier out there. Some of them can clearly stand out in the crowd, and Winix has gained a solid reputation, whether it comes to the cost, modern technologies, or quality for price – value for money. All in all, this review will provide all the information you require to make a good final decision.

The Good
  • Winix is known for its incredibly powerful filtration systems, which will clear out all types of allergens. Get rid of pollutants, whether or not you suffer from any respiratory conditions. It is also one of the top options against mold, microorganisms, and germs. Whether you want to look after your kids or you have pets around, allergens will be history.
  • Furthermore, the unit is quite compact and easy to install or move around. It has smart functionality and can operate based on changes in the air quality, which it will detect by itself. Extra filters will be naturally included in the package, so value for money goes up. While you will still need to purchase some in the long run, at least Winix has you covered for a while.
The Bad
  • While the air purifier has a specific purpose, some brands also bring in air humidification among the features. The air purifier from Winix does not have it, so some of its competition might be better featured. On the same note, some Winix air purifiers do not come with remote control, meaning you will have to do everything manually.
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Our Review

It is almost impossible to find a negative Winix air purifier review because the brand has an incredible reputation, and its products are very well featured for the price they come with – more than 16 000 reviews on Amazon speak for themselves! But then, different people have different necessities, so it still pays off knowing precisely what to expect from the purifier before spending your money.

Capabilities and value for money

The Winix air purifier is designed to cover bigger areas than pretty much any other purifier in its size range. Many of them can tackle 300 square feet or more, depending on the model you choose. With this thought in mind, a quality machine will be excellent for whole homes, flats, apartments, offices, shops, or retail areas.

In terms of value for money, you cannot go wrong with the South Korean manufacturer. Sure, you can find cheaper options out there, but they are far from the features you can expect from Winix. You will most likely end up with a few advanced technologies that make your purchase worth it – plus, quality standards are incredibly high – highly efficient, and impressive air purification.

At the end of the day, it is not the price to look after, but the value for money. Besides, a bit of research can help you find a coupon and get a nice discount. It obviously depends on the model you purchase – just keep an eye on special offers and promotions and not just from Winix, but from other resellers as well such as Amazon.

Superior filtration technologies

Based on pretty much every Winix air purifier review out there, purification will never be an issue. Most machines come with a four stage purification technology. Practically, the system comes with four different filters. First, you have the pre-filter. Then, there is a carbon filter. Later on, you have a HEPA filter. HEPA is known for its capability to remove most pollutants and microscopic particles – up to 99.97% of them.

The last filter is known as the Winix PlasmaWave. It is practically a technology developed by Winix, so you are less likely to find it in purifiers from other brands. When running, this technology boosts the creation of hydroxyl molecules. Normally, hydroxyl is a naturally occurring element, and it has amazing properties in oxidizing various types of pollutants.

Many purifiers on the market rely on ozone to handle tiny pollutants and chemicals in the air. However, hydroxyl is 2.5 times more efficient against germs. It is also more efficient than chlorine in killing fungi. The bad news about ozone is that it can also be harmful to people. Hydroxyl does not come up with any byproducts in the process, so it is perfectly safe.

Monitoring sensors

Most air purifiers will work based on how you run them. You come back home, you turn the purifier on, and it gets to work. You leave the house, so you turn it off. It is simple. However, Winix takes it to another level, meaning you can forget about turning the machine on or off. Instead, Winix has implemented a smart technology that will test the air round the clock.

The air purifier comes with a particle sensor. Its main role is to monitor the air. Of course, if the air is dirty in another room, it is less likely to start. But if it can detect a change, it will provide a color indication. You can then turn the machine on until the air is clean. It saves money and energy, so you will spend less in the long run.

Multiple modes

There are more modes you can rely on, based on how much filtration you actually require. Each mode simply brings in a different intensity. The sensor should tell you exactly whether you can go higher or lower. The air purifier comes with two different modes, though – one of them is manual, and the other one is self-operating.

The automatic mode is what makes the machine stand out in the crowd. As it has a particle sensor, it knows precisely what the air quality is like. It will choose the optimal mode based on how much purification space requires. Of course, you could do everything yourself too, but this is the most efficient way to get things done.

Sleep mode

Air quality can seriously degrade overnight. After all, you can aerate the home throughout the day and keep it running. But as you go sleeping, the air quality can go bad. Most people turn their purifiers off or avoid keeping them inside their rooms because the little motors they run are noisy and can affect the sleep quality.

Almost every Winix air purifier review praises the unique sleep mode implemented into the appliance. Practically, you can leave the purification running without having to worry about the noise. The machine will still go overnight, but in a low mode that will not disturb anyone. Sure, if you focus, you can hear a low humming noise, but it is soothing and will not really disturb you.

Multiple speeds

Every Winix air purifier comes with more than just one speed. The value for the price is excellent then, as you can choose the optimal speed based on how much purification you need. The particle sensor makes a good indicator in the process – leave the windows open for too long, and contaminants will inevitably kick in. At this point, the highest speed is a must.

The speed is directly proportional with the noise – opt for a lower speed, and you will barely hear the purifier. A low speed is also suitable for maintenance, as the air quality will gradually drop if you turn the appliance off. Furthermore, most purifiers also come with timers, so you can set them to turn on and off by themselves.

Good sizing standards

Buy the smallest and most compact air purifier on the market, and you will struggle. It will never be able to clean the whole space, but it will ruin continuously, meaning energy efficiency goes out the window. This is why it is important to consider the size of the space. In terms of power versus size, Winix will impress you. The size for its power has an excellent ratio.

Despite being super-efficient, it is quite compact – different models come with different sizes. However, most of them can fit into most rooms or spaces – including tight areas. They are also lightweight and can be moved around – go upstairs or downstairs. You will most likely be impressed by the good airflow capacity as well.

Energy efficiency

There are more modes to choose from, as well as more speeds. Furthermore, the particle filter will ensure the appliance goes on in the right mode for maximum efficiency – unless you choose the manual mode. The timer is not to be overlooked either. All these factors contribute to the energy efficiency, which is high anyway due to the low power consumption. Simply put, your bills will not skyrocket.


There is not too much to do in terms of maintenance. As for the outside of the appliance, wipe it clean every now and then. If you run it based on the air quality, there should not be too much to worry about. It will remove dust, pollen, and other allergens – practically, there will be no dust in the air to settle on the appliance.

To keep it running at the highest standards, you will need to change the filters on a regular basis, though. Each package comes with a few spare filters. Then, different models have different requirements, so go through the manual of instructions. It also depends on how much purification your space needs, but keeping the machine operating at the optimal performance requires this type of maintenance.


How do I choose the right Winix air purifier for my home?

Generally speaking, you should make sure you know the surface of your property. Air purifiers come with some standards – the manufacturer will tell you how much they can cover. Opt for about 10% more than what you need. Other than that, consider the required features and overall budget too. Value for money is quite high in every Winix appliance, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

What are the most popular Winix Air Purifiers?

The most popular are Winix 5300-2, Winix 5500-2 and Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier. They are highest-rated with thousands of customer reviews. Winix C545 Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology is somewhat popular and Winix True HEPA 6300-2 is not. Winix HR900 is recommended to buy if you have pets.

Where should I place the Winix air purifier?

The appliance needs space to run. Sure, it will run anywhere – even behind the sofa. But then, it needs an open space to grab microorganisms, dust, and pollen from multiple parts of the space. Therefore, try to avoid confining it. Let it see the whole space. As a general rule of thumb, it should be about 10 inches from any furniture.

What should I do if my Winix air purifier C545 WIFI doesn’t work?

There are a few steps you can take to fix this issue. The first thing you need to do is check your internet connection, and make sure that it’s running properly. If the wireless light on the purifier stays orange or red, then there may be interference with other devices in close proximity of your device. You can try moving those devices away from each other to see if the problem goes away.

If your internet connection is working properly, and the wireless light on your purifier stays green, then you may want to restart it. If neither of these steps work for you, please contact Winix Support.

How to reset filter light on Winix air purifier?

Press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds with a small object such as a paper clip before the Check Filter light turns off.

How to clean Winix Air Purifier?

  1. First, unplug the unit before cleaning procedure.
  2. Second, remove any filters that may be dirty.
  3. Third, use a vacuum cleaner or air compressor on all surfaces of the unit including inside and outside vents and pre-screen filter (following ‘AIR FLOW’ label).

More information on that you can find in manual.

How to reset Winix Plasmawave air purifier?

  • Turn off the power by pressing the “Power” button on top of your unit for several seconds
  • Do it until you hear successive beep
  • After hearing this beeps the light should go off

How often should I change filters?

The Winix air purifier will alert you when it is time for you to change the filter. Usually, it is between 3 (Carbon filter) and 12 month (True HEPA filter).

How do I change Pre-filter?

  • Remove air purifier’s front panel
  • Remove the old pre-filter
  • Place the new pre-filter onto your HEPA filter

How do I change True HEPA filter?

  • Remove front panel by grasping the bottom edges and pulling towards you
  • Remove pre-filter
  • Grab the tabs on the old HEPA filter to pull them out
  • Get your new filters from the package and remove it from protective plastic wrap
  • Place it into the Winix air purifier
  • Close it with Pre-filter following AIR FLOW label (arrows pointing at the air purifier)
  • Reset air purifier by pressing the button and holding it for 5 seconds until it beeps
  • Place the front panel back on the purifier.


Winix has multiple options when it comes to air purifiers, and the good news is it is almost impossible to find a negative Winix air purifier review. Make sure it is large enough for your space, and it should be alright. If you only have a small office to keep clean or just a bedroom in a shared house, you can choose the Mooka air purifier, which is smaller, more compact, and suitable for smaller spaces – low cost too.

If you want something a bit cheaper and with less bells and whistles, Okaysou AirMax8L makes a pretty good choice too. It will get the job done, but it cannot compare to Winix in terms of features and convenience. However, it makes a good choice for those who want to shop on a budget – good overall value for money too, and finding a coupon for it is much easier.

For big rooms and large spaces in general we recommend to check out NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier. There are many reviews (including ours) of this not cheap but effective home appliance.


Bottom line, this review should give you some good ideas about what you can expect. This appliance does what it is supposed to do. No matter what affects the air quality in your home, urban pollutants will be successfully eliminated with the appliance. In terms of features and technologies, you have just the right things for effectiveness and convenience – no random bells and whistles.

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